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Norton KI & Norton LH (2018) Exercise Science Toolkit. Computer program, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. URL: www.exercisesciencetoolkit.com

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Professor Kevin Norton

Dr Kevin NORTON is a Professor in Exercise Science at the University of South Australia. His research focuses on the evolution of sports performance, health screening, physical activity promotion, and the limits of human work capacity. He has worked with professional sporting bodies including the Australian Football League, National Rugby League, Super League, Australian Rugby Union and the International Rugby Board. His research has been supported by numerous organisations including the International Olympic Committee, Australian Sports Commission as well as NHMRC, Australian Research Council and DFAT. Kevin has had extensive sports industry involvement with secondments to Sport Knowledge Australia and Human Kinetics [USA] to develop sports science software, and a sports science role with the Adelaide Football Club in the AFL.


Dr Lynda NORTON is a Lecturer at Flinders University. She is a registered nurse who moved into public health research following her MPH and PhD. She has considerable experience with database management having worked for both the Australian New Zealand Intensive Care Society and the Australian Research Centre for Injury Studies. She has led several multi-year intervention studies on physical activity and health. Her teaching is focused on healthy lifestyles and associated health risk factors for health and exercise science students. Current research interests include trends in adult health and fitness, relationships between exercise and health outcomes and mindfulness and stress modification in emergency services personnel.